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Fantuan helps merchants develop brand awareness leading to an increase of new customers, and gives access to a loyal customer base with a stronger buying power.


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We offer our platform and services at no additional costs - you and your business will benefit from our perks and gain extra profits.


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Fill orders and collect revenue regardless of the available number of seats in your restaurant- Your daily order quantity will increase, along with your profits.


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Fantuan’s large user base provides merchants with an increase of delivery orders, and resulting in the possibility of online users transitioning into dine-in customer



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As a restaurant brand with multiple branches in Toronto, we have a deep relationship with Fantuan. We have witnessed Fantuan’s prosperity since they settled in Toronto, and today, Fantuan is our first choice for food delivery platforms. Fantuan always has unique ideas in food delivery service, which is why we decided to exclusively partner with them. By supporting this platform, we’re also supporting a new dining experience, different from dine-in. Another reason for supporting Fantuan is so new customers see us on their platform. Thank you Fantuan!


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