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Fantuan Support

US/Canada:+1 8883920131
Australia:+61 1300489145
You may also contact our online customer service on the Fantuan app by using the "Help" tab. We are available to help you with all your questions 24/7.

Which restaurants have promotions? What types of promotions do they have?

Promotion information can be found on the Fantuan app at the home page. You can also follow Fantuan's public WeChat account to get the most updated promotions.

Why is the estimated delivery time not the same as my order’s actual arrival time?

Fantuan’s average fastest delivery time is around 30 minutes. There are a wide variety of factors that may cause contribute delayed to a later delivery time:
 1)Order queue acceptance: we need to arrange orders in a queue based on the time of their placement - orders at the end of the queue may have extended delivery times. 2) Restaurant preparation time: delivery time can be extended due to order with a large amount items or longer preparation time of certain dish. It generally takes about 20 minutes for the restaurants to prepare the meals. 3) Extreme weather: roads become hazardous under extreme weather conditions which can affect order distribution efficiency and therefore extends arrival time. 4) Drivers’ accidents: Occasionally, there will be collisions on the road, road repairs, traffic jams, etc., resulting in increased delivery time. While we cannot control all these factors, we will do our best to get your orders delivered on time and hope to have your understanding and support. Ordering in advance will effectively ensure your order arrival time.

There is a problem with my order - what should I do?

In case of any problems with your order, please contact our customer service team in time to sort it out. If your order is damaged, such as a serious food spill, there will be a compensation. If there is a problem with the quality of the food, our customer service team will help you contact the restaurant for negotiation or compensation.

Will Fantuan provide an invoice/receipt?

Yes! If you need an invoice/receipt, open your app and find the designated order in “Order History.” Once you clicked on this order, click on the button labelled as “Receipt” - click here, enter your email address and click “Send Receipt.” You should find your invoice/receipt in your email inbox.


How can I become a courier in Fantuan?

To become a courier in Fantuan, fill out the application at http://fantuan.ca

What kind of vehicles can be used to deliver orders? Do I need to have my own vehicle?

Fantuan’s couriers need to deliver with their own vehicles, car, electric car, motorcycle or bicycle. In addition, they have the option to rent electric bicycles from Fantuan.

Do you need a legal document to become a driver in Fantuan?

Yes, you must provide legal documents to prove your eligibility to work as a partner with Fantuan.

Am I eligible to become a driver as an international student?

Once you provide the legal documents required, you can immediately become a Fantuan driver.

Tax Documents for Drivers

The tax documents will be sent to the email addess provided by your registered account during late February every year. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us via email:. Thank you!


How can I check whether my refund went through?

The refund process depends on your bank’s settlement process. You can check your bank statements - some banks will provide a refund while others will directly adjust the previous order amount.

Do my refund credits expire? When?

The credits will expire one year after the date they are issued.


How do I partner with Fantuan?

To become a partner merchant, fill out the application at http://fantuan.ca. You can also call your local office.

Will someone be there to answer my questions when I sign the contract?

Someone from our team will help answer your questions every step of the way!

How do I participate in Fantuan’s promotions?

Fantuan will have various online and offline promotions every month. To participate, find your local Fantuan marketing operations representative. 

Is my restaurant servicing under Buy For Me? How can I remove my restaurant on your platform?

If you have questions about your business being listed on Fantuan’s platform, including requesting it to be removed, please contact merchantfeedback@fantuan.co 


What payment methods does Fantuan accept?

Fantuan accepts the following payment methods:
- cash
- Interac - supports debit card
- Visa and MasterCard
- WeChat payment - Alipay (only through Fantuan app)

Why can’t my debit card pay successfully?

Please check if your debit card has a Visa or MasterCard symbol on it - if it does, please select Visa/MasterCard payment method.